Our Team

The nucleus empowering our commitment to excellence

Our Team


The John Tanous team comprises dedicated, highly experienced craftsmen who relish the challenges of bespoke manufacture. Our core team is augmented, when necessary, by a network of skilled artisans who we trust to hand-craft certain specialist elements. Heading the team is Carl Wenstrom.

Carl Wenstrom

Managing Director


Carl has worked with some of the most creative designers around, as well as many prestigious businesses and venues within the hospitality industry. His special skills lie in taking a client’s vision and making it a reality.


A passion for beautiful furniture and discovering new production techniques and finishes means that, for him, work constitutes a pleasure as well as a business. This enjoyment, allied to his creative knowledge and experience, ensures our consistent delivery of first-rate products.


Carl has helped establish a powerful bond of trust between John Tanous and our customers which generates both repeat business and ever more stimulating challenges for us to master.



Tanya Wenstrom



Tanya is based in the Sussex factory and makes everything run smoothly from sales administration & procurement through to accounting & invoicing.

Answers come swift and fast from Tanya, with many amusing instagram posts as well as marshaling the entire administration  function and some factory high jinx.







Cabinet and Joinery fabrication . – Colin, David, Bob and Kieron make up the core personnel.

These guys have decades of combined joinery knowledge, taking great pride in their work to create truly beautiful pieces of furniture  which at times  demands patience,  creativity and ingenuity to bring ideas to life.

Kieron is elusive but we will collar him and get a photo of him soon.













































Polishing. – Andy and Alan perform all the polishing. This is a highly skilled craft which is constantly evolving as we develop and adapt finishes to meet the requests of clients.