Dedicated craftsmanship, years of experience

Each phase of the manufacturing process demands its own particular skills.



Our own experienced and talented craftsmen deal with all cabinetry work in house, employing an exciting combination of traditional skills and modern technology to facilitate highly accurate and cost- effective production.


Though remaining staunch advocates of hands-on craft skills, we appreciate that investing in equipment such as digital saws, four-sided planers and speed sanders allows us more time to focus on the intricate cabinet elements. We also utilise highly efficient laser veneer cutters to make sure that all veneer work, from simple cross-banded panels to intricate marquetry, is executed to the tightest tolerances.


We employ modern, as well as traditional, jointing techniques, with most of our work requiring a combination of both. We take rough-cut planks through all processes to create everything from a simple tapered leg to a highly prized, solid-turned side table. We procure the very best fsc-regulated timbers to meet your design requirement.


Woodworking lies at the very heart of everything we do.


Working with metal, glass and other materials

Often, to create a particularly unusual piece, we are asked to incorporate different materials along with wood. And, as fashions have changed, we’ve been able to apply our skills in the use of brass, stainless steels, nickel plating, bronze patinas, powder coatings and cold spray metal bonded finishes.


Due to their bespoke nature, such solutions can be expensive; however we are also able to offer brass and chrome finishes on mild steel to produce cost-efficient alternatives. Again we are fortunate in having well-established connections with metal fabricators, shot blasters and finishers who have helped us develop in-house finishes to meet our clients’ requirements.


We have used Perspex in custom block forms to great effect on both upholstery legs and elements of tables. We have developed techniques to integrate desktop vinyls into table-top surfaces, as well as inset leather tops with metal banding.


At John Tanous, we have the experience, expertise, creativity and adaptability to meet virtually any furniture manufacturing challenge, however complex or unusual.


Upholstery & Finishing

With all of our upholstery hand-crafted in solid beechwood frames and traditionally upholstered in Sussex, we have the flexibility to tailor our upholstery to meet your bespoke specifications in size, fabric and finish and ensure that it meets all residential and commercial requirements.


Achieving the right finish, for both purpose and environment, is hugely important and an art in itself. Long experience enables us to recommend and supply the ideal finish in which polishing, materials and textures all play their part.


We can finish your furniture in a pre-cat, AC, polyurethane or high-build acrylic lacquer, depending on your requirement.