Home House Projects

A case study

Our Work for Home House

Our first project


This involved tackling the ‘minibar fridge’ situation. As already mentioned, some of the bedrooms had fridges on the floor, whilst a number of lovely antique cabinets that once housed large 1990s video players, lay unused. Rather than making new furniture for the fridges, we suggested modifying the video cabinets for the purpose. Accordingly we stripped the carcasses, re-hinged the doors and re-structured the insides to accommodate a minibar fridge and shelves. We then polished each piece back to life with a contract PU lacquer.


This illustrated that:

  • we appreciated the need to work to budget and timescale
  • we understood how to adapt existing surplus stock and stay with an original concept design
  • we could re-purpose a piece faster than we could manufacture, and could turn this work around quickly as the rooms were redecorated
  • with a little ingenuity we could deliver a completely sound, refurbished cabinet for half the cost of a new one.

We have since restored more than 10 of these cabinets to meet similar needs.

Subsequent commissions

This initial success has led to many other projects:



  • Number 21 lounge– refurbishment and modification to stimulate daytime footfall and revenue. This involved both re-upholstering pieces and manufacturing new sofas and armchairs in keeping with the original designs. We also manufactured a small bespoke waiter services station with discreet, integrated LED lighting: doubling as a small privacy screen for members and guests, it contains all the computerised equipment required to operate the bar/lounge
  • Number 20 drawing room – refurbishment and creation of more seating and usable space. Reupholstering the best existing pieces, we also manufactured custom-designed armchairs to complement them. Then, having analysed room usage from daytime to early evening to weekend parties, we presented all-new fabrics, upholstered furniture and tables along with a revised layout plan for the space
  • Waiter station – we received additional budget for our suggestion of creating a traditional-looking piece of furniture to function both as a waiter station and, when required, a booth containing DJ equipment and sound systems.



  • Multiple projects – these included refurbishing and making numerous items for bedrooms and bars. Such as granite-topped sofa tables with integrated Champagne ice-buckets, new and matching metal tables, and a custom-veneered humidor for Number 21 bar.



  • Main restaurant – our suggestion to rationalise the waiter station to one main point with a separate ‘maître-d’ station created space in the restaurant for extra tables, increasing the restaurant’s revenue at every sitting. Achieving this involved us producing a cabinet and banquette, together with the additional tables and chairs
  • Suites – restyling and designing new furniture for lounges and bedrooms in the George Hanbury and James Wyatt suites. This involved creating better, lighter spaces, and selecting timber and fabrics to suit existing carpets and wallpaper
  • Octagon dining room and Vestibule bar – our brief was to give the two rooms a coordinated feel and make the transition between spaces as seamless as possible. We introduced dining tables with marble tops and metal sub frames with bronze details, an octagon shaped central statement table, poseur tables and leather topped metal bar stools
  • Bison Bar – tasked with designing a piece to replace the painted mdf cupboard serving as a waiter station, we re-worked a gorgeous piece seen in a US auction image. Keeping the feel and general aesthetics intact and commissioning external hardware and decoration, we delivered a spectacular and practical enhancement to the bar entrance.

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