Close up of a handle on the Maitre D Station

The Oving

Grey panel with the text Hand crafted furniture for life

Our Ethos

Close up of the arm of The Idgewood chair

The Ridgewood

Two hands marking up a piece of wood


A close up of a nickel foot of The Sinfold table

The Sinfold

A side profile section of The Pevensey chair

The Pevensey

Picture of our head joiner fitting a panel into a Maitre D Station

Who We Are

A close up of the seat of The Maplehurst chair

The Maplehurst

A close up of a handle on The Arlington chest

The Arlington

Two of the hand turned Wartling side tables

The Wartling

A section of The Heyshott desk

The Heyshott

The edge of The Bramber table

The Bramber

A close up of the studded back of The Beckley chair

The Beckley

A close up of the Rowhook corner bench

The Rowhook

One of the team painting the edge of a piece of wood


The top half of The Chittington side table

The Chittington

A close up of The Walberton side table

The Walberton